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Happy New Year 2021

My expectations of the 2020 wedding and elopement season were quite low. But, much to my surprise I was slightly more busy than last year and ended up photographing over 65 ceremonies on the Oregon coast alone. This puts me at over 425 coastal weddings and elopements! Experience counts! Of course I did other projects as well both personal and professional. Now, about that day job... Haha! Thanks to all who made it possible including Sandlake Country Inn, Oregon Coast Weddings & Elopements, Bliss and Energy Weddings on the Oregon Coast, and Oregon Beach Ceremonies. Especially the couples who entrusted me to create memories for them.

As I was driving back from California yesterday and last night along Hwy 101, I was listening to an audio book version of Barry Lopez's last book (he died on Christmas Day 2020) "Horizon". His words at the end of Chapter 4 struck me and I replayed them over at least a dozen times. "It has long seemed to me that what most of us are looking for is the opportunity to express, without embarrassment or judgement or retaliation, our capacity to love. That means, too, embracing the opportunity to be loved..."

In a year that seemed to last 5 years, that seemed to actually lack love, it was comforting to me personally to see, and be a small part of, all of love I witnessed while doing something I love. Happy New Year everyone!

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